Polyxeni Spilioti




I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Göttingen and member of the Research Training Group (RTG) Fourier Analysis and Spectral Theory. I held also postdoctoral positions at Aarhus University  and at the University of TuebingenI received my PhD from the University of Bonn, under the supervision of Werner Mueller.

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Research interests:  Harmonic analysis on locally symmetric spaces, trace formulas, dynamical zeta functions of Ruelle and Selberg, refined analytic torsion, prime geodesic theorem

Contact: Mathematisches Institut, Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Bunsenstraße 3-5, D-37073 Göttingen, Deutschland Office 017,

E-mail: polyxeni.spilioti@mathematik.uni-goettingen.de

The field of spectral geometry concerns with the connections between the geometry of manifolds and the spectrum of differential operators. The spectrum of the Laplace operator plays a crucial role in the inverse spectral problems. The most famous question relative to these problems was posed by Marc Kac in mid-60's :


 " Can one hear the shape of a drum ? "


The answer is not always positive, in particular when we deal with manifolds with singularities. This question can be alternatively expressed as:


"How can one obtain information about the geometry of a manifold, such as the volume, the curvature, or the length of the closed geodesics, provided that we can

study the spectrum of certain differential operators? "


Harmonic analysis on locally symmetric spaces provides a powerful machinery in studying various invariants, such as the analytic torsion, as well as the dynamical zeta functions of Ruelle and Selberg.